Protect What Protects The Rest

About Us

Quality roof is important as it is protects things that are important to you..Your family, business, property and your belongings. The roof over your head is an intricate and included system – it is far more important than what most people think. If it fails, it causes serious damage... So, an uncared, ignored roofing and not replaced when essential can cause significant damage to your property and its belongings.

Next Generation Restorations is dedicated to offering quality roofing with a wide variety of options. It boasts of the highest manufacturers and technical certifications in the industry along with the best guarantees trending in the market today. From tile, slate, custom and specialty metal, shingles and shake roofs to waterproofing much more, Next Generation Restoration covers it all!!!

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer advanced construction services to the communities we serve. We make every effort to constantly improve the quality of our product and to add value for clients through improvement, prudence, reliability and rigorous performance.

Our core values

Team Work, integrity, excellence and accountability are the foundation pillars upon which Next Generation Restorations is built. These principals lubricate us to mark new heights and provide result oriented residential and commercial roofing needs covering Florida.

  • Devotion:
    Devotion and dedication to our work is what keeps us motivated. We strive to deliver the highest quality, safety standards and keep our clients abreast with the latest 21st century designs.
  • Team spirit:
    Trio of perfectionism, team spirit and hard work helps towards successful completion of our deliverables & live up to the expectations of our clients.
  • Integrity:
    We at all levels always do the right things by executing work in full fairness and in a reliable manner. We ensure integrity in our behaviour and the roofing provided by us.
  • Continuous learning and cross pollination of ideas:
    To help our customers grow, we encourage our teams to be on continuous learning and up gradation programs. We constantly polish our skills and knowledge through learning and experience as we believe in cross pollinations of ideas and technology.
  • Professionalism:
    We continuously conform to the industrial and/or ethical standards of our profession. Our team boasts of utmost professionalism and on time delivery.